New filter panel in the works


this is a sneak preview of a new filter panel that I am working on, in current versions of the Open Movie Editor, every video filter has its individual dialog for adjusting its parameters. This new panel will integrate some of those dialogs into a single pane in the main OME window.

It already works quite well, but it still needs a little bit of polishing, so that it fits into the rest of the UI.

Screenshot of the new filter panel

and have fun,

3 Responses to “New filter panel in the works”

  1. Flamekebab Says:

    Ooh, nice. I was hoping something like this would appear. Do you have a vague idea of when this will be in a release version?

  2. oracle Says:


    I guess I will be able to do a release this month.


  3. Eibriel Says:

    This will be THE editor on Linux :)

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