UI Design Proposal: Automations


I just mad a quick Mockup on Gimp, that shows a possible User Interface for implementing Keyframes, or Automations into the Open Movie Editor.

Screenshot of Open Movie Editor (modified)

Have fun,

3 Responses to “UI Design Proposal: Automations”

  1. Eibriel Says:

    Hi! maybe could be better put all curves together, it is easier to program (I think) and is similar to other programs, making it more intuitive.

    Each slider could have a checkbox to make visible (or invisible) its curve.

  2. tin2tin Says:


    Just an overall remark. If it’s possible, I think you should try to loose the 3D look on buttons etc. because it makes OME look like it’s very old.

    I don’t know what you’re coding in, but for my DVD slideshow GUI(coded in wxBasic(a wxWidgets bind on windows), I could include a .manifest file which will allow the program to use the user’s desktop style for all buttons. For me that was a simple way to give the overall app a refreshing new feel.

    Best regards,

  3. oracle Says:

    Hi tin2tin,

    I’m trying to somehow reflect the current development status in the gui.

    This means, that as long as I am not finished with the internal core, such that it is all stable and reliable, I will not polish the GUI style.

    I think it would give users the wrong impressions of everything is shiny and polished in OME, and then it crashes or something does not work as expected.

    Therefore I am quite fine with the current look, but indeed I agree that one day this needs a makeover. ;-)


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