Plans for the near future.


for everyone interested in how Open Movie Editor is moving along. Right now I am working on finishing my diploma thesis, which is due for the end of December, and I am focusing much of my energy into this. However, I will likely take my final exam early next year, after which I will have my mind free for working on Open Movie Editor again.

I have some interesting ideas, and I even submitted a proposal to a local businessplan idea competition about how I plan to build an open source business around OME. I even won a price, read about it in the following link. CAST Technology Award 2008, some images are here: Pictures from the Businessplan Idea Competition.

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  1. Melanie Says:


    I’m hoping that your next version of open movie editor might be a little more self-explanatory. I can’t figure out how to edit a simple avi file! :)

    Maybe what’s needed is some tutorials on this site. So far I can’t find any tutorials that starts with the basics.

    Thanks for reading my comments!

  2. oracle Says:

    Hi Melanie,

    thanks for your suggestion, there is a little tutorial at:

    but it is a little out of date I have to admit.


  3. [IMH] Says:


    I toyed with OME a bit on an UbuntuStudio install, and functionality-wise it was more or less what I was looking for (easy to use NLE for Linux with an intuitive UI), except for one thing. The scale on the timeline was too broad and I could find no way to adjust it.

    I was trying to edit some public domain footage into a music video, and to cut up images and get them to work with the music, I was having to get down to very fine measurements. I could split clips easily enough at any point I wanted, but if they were too short, shorter than about ten seconds, I could not move them, I could only resize them, which was aggravating.

    So my request/suggestion (which I realize might be hideously difficult, and I’m not a programmer, so I wouldn’t know) would be to either make the scale on the timeline adjustable (first preference) or else to enlarge it considerably, so that the user can work at a second by second level, if not frame by frame, with ease.

    Other than that, it’s a great program, and the best iMovie-level editor on Linux. (Now if only there were a decent pro-level NLE, I’d be all set.) :)


  4. Fran López Says:

    Did you take your exam? How did it go?
    I’m really not trying to rush you or anything, I was just wondering if there were any news about open movie editor. I keep on cheking the site and have no news since december.
    Please don’t tell you abandoned the project, that would be a shame, it’s a really great program…

  5. lauchazombie Says:

    hey, im running OME on arch linux and is really cool i just passed by to wish you luck and i hope to see more and more of OME in the future

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