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Open Movie Editor News » Blog Archive » New Mailinglists for Open Movie Editor: Users, Packagers and Developers

New Mailinglists for Open Movie Editor: Users, Packagers and Developers

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I’ve created three new Open Movie Editor Mailinglists, because I feel that the “One List to rule them all” approach is not sufficient any more. ;-)

There is the USER Mailinglist:

This List is for Support issues, if you have trouble installing Open Movie Editor, if you are unsure about how some feature might work, and everything else to using and installing the software.

For issues such as Support there are also the Forums, which are quite popular too, so depending on what you prefer, you might want to give them a try: Open Movie Editor Web Forums

There is the PACKAGERS Mailinglist:

This Mailinglist is very important, and I hope it will be used vividly. If you are maintaining an Open Movie Editor Packages for your distribution, be it Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, Mandriva, Fedora, etc. Pleeeeeeaaase subscribe to this list. It will help you to deliver the best and highest quality Open Movie Editor releases to your users.

You will be notified of upcoming releases, of changing dependencies, and you will get hints for tricking out Open Movie Editor and its dependencies for best possible performance and compatibility. And any problems or bug reports that you have will get a high priority treatment.

PS.: If you subscribe and you are a Member of a specific Distribution, be sure to send a quick Mail to the List to introduce yourself and mention the Distribution you are working on. :-)

There is the DEVELOPERS Mailinglist:

This List is for anything programming related, you can ask questions about how stuff in the Open Movie Editor internals work, you can send patches, discuss Ideas and everything else related to the improvement and further development of Open Movie Editor.

So, thats all for now. By the way, if you are only interested in information about new releases of the Open Movie Editor, you may want to subscribe to Open Movie Editor on Freshmeat.

And if you are also interested in new releases of Video Filters/Plugins for Open Movie Editor, subscribe to the frei0r Project.

Cheers and have fun,

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