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News from FLTK

Friday, March 28th, 2008

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Today some rather interesting announcements came from the FLTK project.

As you might know, FLTK is the graphical user interface toolkit, that is used for the Open Movie Editor, and good news for FLTK mean good news for Open Movie Editor. :)

Open Movie Editor uses FLTK not only because it is very fast and saves resources, but also because it has been extremely stable, with no backwards incompatible changes in its 1.1.x branch. This is nice, because the Open Movie Editor Programmer prefers to spend his time working on real features rather than porting his software to a new release of the next whiz-bang GUI toolkit.

So today, FLTK 1.1.8 was released, and they’ve fixed a lot of bugs. This is great. :) Kudos to the FLTK devs.

And additionally the start of the development for a future version of FLTK was announced, namely FLTK 1.3.0. And because the FLTK devs are sane people, they seem to put just the right features on their priority list, the biggest one being UTF-8.

This will also have an influence on the Open Movie Editor roadmap, especially when it comes to i18n, better known as internationalization and translation.

I’ve already got some offers from very nice people :) to help in translating Open Movie Editor into different languages. Unfortunately I couldn’t provide the necessary support infrastructure (gettext), because I am still working on things that are further up in my priority list.

Another reason for me for postponing translation work was that the layout and the words in the UI of the Open Movie Editor are still very much subject to change, and this would mean for translators that they would need to play catch up all the time, adjusting the translations to major UI changes.

But anyways, since some time will still be spent perfecting OMEs user interface, and since it will probably take some time for the FLTK devs to release a stable UTF-8 supporting version, I suggest to wait with translating until this release of FLTK is ready, because this will give us a much nicer starting point for bringing OME to all those fancy and cool languages that we have available. ;)